POA changed my life! I was on my spiritual journey for the past two years and had progressed a lot, but this workshop shook me and propelled me to a whole new level of awareness. I left POA a new person…a fully awakened being.


I left POA feeling free and empowered. I had so many AHA moments! I was pushed to a higher level of consciousness and was amazed at the simplicity of it all. POA was a great way to align my mind, body and soul. It’s UNBELEIVABLE!


What I learned in the POA weekend was priceless! The information you provided was so simple, yet it would have taken me thousands of books and many other workshops to figure out how truly magnificent I am. In one weekend, you taught me how to live my file fully. My life is forever transformed……..POA is WICKED!


POA helped me realized that I so strongly desire to live the life of my dreams, that to hesitate any longer, question or entertain the possibility of failure would slowly and inevitably crush my spirit. With the POA tools, I have been able to fully strip away the lingering fears and doubts that kept me straddling the fence. I now have the courage to move ahead full speed and know that God is with me every step of the way waiting to crown me with my glory. POA was a stimulating and provocative workshop that showed me the importance of recognizing that my fears and limitations kept me from living the life I was born to live.


This adventure was life changing for me. I discovered more about myself in 3 days than I thought I knew all of my life. The Power of Awareness truly set me free of limiting behavior so that I can live my life to the fullest from now on! I can’t thank you enough!

Sandra LeMieux

Having experienced and led many seminars I would highly recommend POA to everyone! It provided a peaceful transformation from the pain of the past to an intoxicating, delightful adventure into knowing my truest potential! From this place of awareness I am experiencing a love affair with my True Self. POA is Brilliant!


Through the Power of Awareness, I recognized that I was actually blaming others for what I did not have in my life. These were simply my excuses and I was giving my power to someone or something else. I am now in control of my life and have the power to create my own existence.


POA was a great and safe way to begin to uncover the blocks that kept my life confusing. I love the way Laina explains how the mind works and makes it so easy to face our fears without judgment. I feel so good about myself and can now acknowledge myself as magnificent!


So, what did I get out of the Power of Awareness? The experiential exercises, insights, and transformation were way beyond my high expectations…I got who I am. I am powerful! I am spirit in human form. Spirit is in me. I am Light and I bring light to the world. I love beauty. I am beauty. I see the beauty in others. I am connected to each and every one on this planet and to nature. I am love, and I am loved. I am a precious child. I am possibility… pure possibility…the possibility of possibility. I am passion! I live my life with passion and adventure. Doing what I love. Living my purpose, and living it with childlike eyes of wonder. I got my purpose. My purpose is to be happy. When I am happy, my mission to travel the world making a difference is magnified to a whole new level! I got that I choose whether I will come from my head or from my heart. I replaced anger with compassion. Before the seminar, I was coming from my head and finding everything that was wrong with my fiancé. After the seminar, I choose to come from my heart. From that place I see a different man, an amazing man with a wonderful heart. I now experience love and gratitude, and so does he. Our relationship is transformed. I am alive. I am awake. I am present to my dreams. I will do great things. The world will not be the same. Wow!


POA has been a turning point in my life, my work and mostly in me. I feel so clear, and I am standing in my power, probably for the first time in my life. I now see how I have been sabotaging myself and operating in constant chaos, drama and always feeling used or victimized. I now truly feel at peace which is completely new to me. Thank you for helping me to open my heart and soul so I could see just how much I do have to give. I am ready for the abundance I deserve and the universe wants me to have.

Michael T.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you and The Center of Awareness for one of the best weekend seminars I have ever taken. Over the last 6 years I have spent a lot of time in many classes exploring the depths of my Spiritual consciousness. For some unknown reason I always came away with a sense of incompletion. It all came to light during your Power of Awareness weekend when I realized that you were giving me a set of tools that would enable me to self diagnose my fears and shift them immediately when they came up. I highly recommend this series of classes to anyone looking for a complete toolbox to awaken their consciousness in our ever challenging and ever changing World.


Through the POA workshop my purpose and direction became clear. I was able to de-clutter my mind and find my heart.


After the incredible experience at the Power of Awareness Workshop, with  Laina, I went home and immediately had the opportunity to put to use, and lovingly demonstrate for my children, exactly what I learned!  I want to share POA with everyone I know because it opened my eyes, but more than that, it led me to the understanding of what is necessary to fully CHOOSE to live with my HEART open.  Life is supposed to be fun and easy. It is meant to be a delicious experience, where peace, joy, health, abundance, and love are our constant state of being.  Where we learn to deliberately choose happiness, and pain is experienced free of suffering…. IT TRULY IS… and if you’re curious, I invite you to EXPERIENCE it for yourself!


POA taught me how to consciously open the floodgate to abundance.


POA helped me take apart the “seams” that enclose me, and I began to explore the infinite possibilities that are outside the comfortable protective façade we present to the world. I opened the door to my heart and put the power of my mind in service to my spirit.

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