Are you seeking Awareness?

If you are on this page, chances are, you are experiencing one of the following:

  • You sense that there is more to life but aren’t quite sure how to access that.
  • You want more meaningful, and deeply connected relationships.
  • You desire more peace, balance and joy in your life.
  • You are questioning your ideas of a “higher power.”
  • You are tired of doing the same things, over and over again, and getting the same results
  • You’ve been curious about coaching and are ready to jump in!

Congratulations on your willingness to explore new options… that’s a big and bold step!

I am a self-proclaimed “Awareness Coach” because that is exactly what I do.  I shine the light of awareness on the truth. The trust is that you and I, and everyone else for that matter, are naturally whole, perfect, complete and magnificent. We are each endowed with power, confidence, creativity, trust and a loving heart. But through our life experiences, we learn to disconnect from this knowing, while we create an entire belief system that causes us to feel dis-empowered, lonely, tired, scared, disconnected and often depressed. This is our ego.

As your coach, I am interested in one thing, and one thing only — that is to assist you in aligning with your true source of power. The one you were born with! But until you become aware that you have the power to choose, you will continue to experience your life from the perspective of your ego, which continues to draw to you many of the repetitive experiences you no longer desire.  Kind of like that movie, “Groundhog’s Day.”

My coaching is simple. We all have two opposing belief systems: one is of our Higher-Self, our Soul/Spirit—Love, and the other is of our lower-self, the ego—Fear.  I am here to assist you in shining the light of awareness on them both.  Once you intimately understand each belief system, and the completely opposite consequences of each, you will gain the clarity that will assist you in transforming your life, as you strengthen your power to decide between: Love or Fear.

I work with people who are being called into a spiritual journey and are seeking Self-Awareness. This knowing is necessary to walk through our shadows, fears, emotional traumas and wounds. My role is to assist you in awakening your magnificence, which is a direct result of you choosing to transcend your ego’s fear-based limitations.

My coaching is gentle, yet powerful, safe and liberating.

I do have a personal agenda: the more awake and empowered people who walk this earth are,  the sooner we will achieve heaven on earth!

My sessions range from a single one hour session (Curiosity Session) to one weekly 45 minute session for 12 weeks (Transformational Sessions). You determine the depth of  awakening you desire to explore.  Sessions can be in person, via phone or Skype. (I love technology!)

Here is what you can expect to let go of and give up, along with what you will gain, when you learn to Shift and Lift your perspective, with my guidance!

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