Wake Up And Embrace Your Magnificence!

Laina offers timeless wisdom, in a simple to understand and super-easy-to-apply way. Laina’s teachings assist those, like you, who are ready and willing to shift out of their comfortable box and fully embrace their God/Source/Creator given magnificence. This magnificence is experienced through awakening.

Awakening is the process of remembering we are each created equal, whole, perfect eternal, worthy, and holy by God/Source/Creator. Curiosity will lead you to the door of awakening, and your conscious willingness and commitment to know, and live as, this Truth, will open it and set you free. I assure you, if I can awaken, anybody can, and together we will co-create heaven on earth!

“Awakening is guaranteed by God/Source to those who commit to the path of Self-Awareness.” – Laina

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